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REVEAL -- the exciting 20-year-old Rapper, Singer, and Producer emerged in 2018. After years of experimenting with his sound, the Londoner has without a doubt found the voice & brand of REVEAL.

Being a South-Asian artist means going against the grain, receiving constant backlash and living with a handful of painful sacrifices, and at the young age of fifteen, REVEAL took that choice. But he always envisioned the outcome being greater.

As a Punjabi, REVEAL highlights the issues within his culture. Having seen the endless lower-middle class cycle, to the broken dreams within his family, REVEAL aims to push anybody, but especially those with a similar cultural background, to break the boundaries that have locked our potential for years, and finally push for our ambitions.

Latest Music

REVEAL's most recent single 'Values' has touched the hearts of many in his community after talking about the mistakes of others in his culture, the regret of not listening to your heart, and how we only have one chance in life.


The Londoner utilised his TikTok page to gather over 10,000 views to the song in multiple videos, further creating a special connection between him and his fan-base.

He followed the release with a music video that was shot in Canary Wharf, a local & meaningful location to REVEAL.

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