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Being an upcoming South-Asian artist means going against the grain, receiving constant backlash and living with a handful of painful sacrifices, and at the young age of fifteen, REVEAL took that choice. But he always envisioned the outcome being greater.

REVEAL -- the exciting 20-year-old Rapper, Singer, and Producer emerged in 2018, born and raised in the UK, in South-East London. After years of experimenting with his sound within Hip-Hop, the Londoner has without a doubt found the voice & brand of REVEAL.

REVEAL holds much dignity as a lyricist. Raised on Hip-Hop icons including 2Pac, J. Cole, Nas, and Drake, the londoner is known for his relentless & bold records that have created a respectable image for the artist.

REVEAL | Hip-Hop's next treasure.

Being a Punjabi, REVEAL also highlights issues within his culture. His most sincere record, Values, has touched the hearts of many in his community as they resonate with the pressure that young adults endure whilst searching for their purpose in life. REVEAL aims to be the next biggest artist to pave the way for many other millennials within the culture, and to break the cycle of the lower-middle class struggle that our parents & elders have lived for decades.

REVEAL | Southside

The BBC Introducing artist returns with 'Southside' - a fierce anthem to uplift the people of his background.


In this exhilarating record, REVEAL puts South-Asians on a pedestal. He speaks on his rise as an Asian artist, alongside themes of his culture & the reality of being independent, all in an impressive & braggadocios tone.


The rapper looks to push the record with his fast-growing TikTok platform alongside a music video to make a statement in the British-Asian & Hip-Hop scene.

Produced, written and mastered by REVEAL himself.


Release date: Thursday 10th February 2022 - 4pm EST.

Southside Final Artwork.png

Latest Music

REVEAL's previous single 'Values' has touched the hearts of many in his community after talking about the mistakes of others in his culture, the regret of not listening to your heart, and how we only have one chance in life.


The Londoner utilised his TikTok page to gather over 10,000 views to the song in multiple videos, further creating a special connection between him and his fan-base.

He followed the release with a music video that was shot in Canary Wharf, a local & meaningful location to REVEAL.

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An overlook on 2021

2021 was a humbling year for REVEAL, as he became a BBC Introducing artist for Bobby Friction on BBC Asian Network for his summer anthem, 'Break It Down'. The rapper has since been no stranger to radio stations & presenters, having music & interview presence from Reprezent Radio, Asian FX, BBC Radio 1 and many more.

REVEAL's ultimate goal is to find his fan-base that resonate with the struggles & roadblocks that our community face, and to inspire people to believe that we will no longer be overlooked as a community, but rather be the ones to bring positive change. 



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