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Having seen the endless lower-middle class cycle, to the broken dreams within his family; REVEAL went against the grain and, at sixteen, REVEAL's mind was set to share his story to a generation that struggles to speak up

In 2021 REVEAL became a BBC Introducing artist for Bobby Friction on BBC Asian Network, further pushing his radio presence in London from other stations including Reprezent Radio, Asian FX, and many more.

REVEAL's vision is to create a generation of dream-chasers, showing that his people from similar upbringings can also break the boundaries that has locked our potential for years, all through the power of real & great music.


Latest single: The A

Bridging the essence of Jazz and Hip-hop, 'The A' is a modern yet soulful expression from REVEAL of the reality behind every dream-chasers endeavour to the top.

The song is about following through with your 'Plan A', as REVEAL expresses his mindset shift of growing out of social norms. With a generation filled with untapped talent, REVEAL speaks out to his people in hopes to spark the minds of anybody with a dream.


Produced by REVEAL himself, the purity of the saxophone accompanied by the mellow Rhodes, bring a pleasurable record when topped with bold vocals from REVEAL; one for late nights in the summer.


The A - Artwork.png

Recent Music

In recent times, REVEAL puts South-Asians on a pedestal with 'Southside. He speaks on his rise as an artist, alongside themes of his culture & the reality of being independent, all in an impressive & braggadocios tone.


The Londoner utilised his TikTok page to gather over 10,000 views to the song in multiple videos, further creating a special connection between him and his fan-base.

He followed the release with a music video that was shot in Canary Wharf, a local & meaningful location to REVEAL.

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