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REVEAL -- the exciting 20-year-old Rapper, Singer, and Producer from South-East London – emerged as an independent musician in 2018.

The born and raised Londoner spent years becoming a fan of the entire Hip-Hop scene, inspired at 12 years old by artists such as J.Cole, Drake, and Big Sean, alongside Hip-Hop icons including 2pac and Nas.

Being a South-Asian artist, REVEAL highlights issues and struggles within his culture. After leaving his education behind to pursue music, he observed the family doubts and toxic environments in the Asian culture; a topic he highlights regularly in his music.

REVEAL | Values 

To those with dreams that seem like fairy-tales to others, the BBC Introducing artist REVEAL returns with 'Values' - a single to inspire the current generation of millennials.

In this short but bold record, REVEAL touches on the mistakes of others in his culture, the regret of not listening to your heart, and how we only have one chance in life.

The 20-year-old looks to share his message across the internet through means of TikTok and Reels with an upcoming music video to inspire a generation of dream chasers.

Below are all available links to the song and social platforms of REVEAL.

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