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The bright future of Hip-Hop Music.


Having seen the endless lower-middle class cycle to the broken dreams within his family; REVEAL went against the grain whilst facing a handful of painful sacrifices. At sixteen, REVEAL's mind was set to share his story to a generation that struggles to speak up.

After becoming a BBC Introducing artist in 2021 and being played on an array of radio stations, including BBC Radio 1, Reprezent Radio, and more, REVEAL has been recognised within the upcoming London music scene and aims to push his sound & brand globally. In recent times, REVEAL performed at the World Music day Festival in London as the opening act to viewers live & worldwide.

After racking over 50,000 streams on his previous single 'The A' on Spotify alone, REVEAL continues his rise to the top with his 29th single as an Independent artist.

REVEAL | Wouldn't Believe It

‘Wouldn’t Believe It’ is a bold statement from the 21-year-old Rapper to claim his spot in Hip-Hop as a serious contender. He speaks distinctly on his come-up & the sacrifices he’s made, all whilst encompassing the true elements of rap music; braggadocios lyricism, rhythm, flow and a delivery that has been perfected over years.


The fast-paced bridge between Jazz Instruments and modern trap drums brings forward a rare sound in Rap, one that is iconic to REVEAL. The cold record highlights the reality of achieving your dreams despite the odds. Being on the brink of giving it all up, being doubted by your peers and having a small circle around you. The entire track is a monologue into the feeling of becoming something from nothing in a city as loud as London - all through the power of real life, real music.


Accompanying the record will also be a Music Video to highlight the essence of London, including locations home to REVEAL within the South-East. In the later future, REVEAL looks to release a limited supply NFT Collection of the alternative version of the track, after sharing a post on social media asking his fans which version of the track they'd want to be released. This provides a way to give back to some of his closest supporters.


In a recent promotional post about the track, REVEAL speaks on the record:

" See when you're on the come-up, no one is obliged to believe in you, no one has to support you. Why should they? You can't demand respect in this game, respect has to be earnt. So the only way for me to explain this would be to put it in a track, and that's how we came about making this record " .



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Wouldn't Believe ItREVEAL
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