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Dear my one and only Saloni...


On Saturday 23rd May 2020, after months of talking and getting to know each other, we decided that we were in a relationship together.

Currently it feels like I've been with you longer than that, and I know that what's everyone says after a few years, but maybe that's for a reason.

In our last two years, we've seen the challenges we've had to face in our relationship. We had situations that we didn't really want to happen, some that were a bit random, as well as some that occurred due to our own past experiences.


But with that we had so many good times. Working together on music, general days when we chill together and end up cuddling, dinner dates for the fun of it, valentines occasions, and not to mention the sneaky little moments we've had in the past.


What gives me the most confidence is knowing that any painful & challenging situation we ever face only leads to us unlocking even more strength, more compatibility, and ultimately more of an unbreakable bond.

I'd like to take a moment to thank you for being with me, standing beside me during times where things could have been questioned, and for being truthful with me when needed.

I'd like to ask you to continue to do this. If you feel like I'm doing something wrong, let me know. If something seems out of line, let me know. If I'm not doing enough in any aspect, let me know.

I need that from you, and I'll always be as honest as I can with you.


Look, I could make this message super long and thoughtful, but I guess all I really want to say is that we're blessed to have each other.

I will continue to work hard for us, putting our best interests first, and doing as much as I can make our dreams come true.

You know the dreams we have, but my biggest dream was always to find somebody as special as you. So if I've already achieved that, I know there will be even more to come <3

I love you darling, and I shall see you tomorrow.

- Love from Inderpreet Singh Bhaur

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