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Alongside his heartfelt music, REVEAL speaks fondly of the struggles and come-up of him and his close ones during his career so far. Hear more from the man himself with the interviews & podcast episodes below.

The Aridja Kals Show

"This week we will be speaking with a truly inspirational upcoming rapper REVEAL (@rvlreveal). We’ll be talking about his struggles of being an Asian rapper in a black dominated industry and how he exposes the truth through his music and much more".

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Mizan, from The Kilimanjaro Podcast, speaks with London rapper, REVEAL about his life and music. The two talk about a range of topics, including the importance of discipline in day-to-day life, dealing with negativity as an artist and more about REVEAL's music and why he speaks on certain subjects

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Kilimanjaro Podcast


"I have a chat with up & coming artist REVEAL, talking about his upbringing in London England, his favourite artists growing up & how he got into music.

REVEAL gives some sound advice on how to pursue music & break through  the barrier of friends & family who are critical of the industry.

We talk about marketing as a artist through social media platforms & how it has changed over the decade - we also talk about different revenue streams as a music artist"

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In this conversation, REVEAL talks about his journey in music, his ups and down, and what has shaped his determined character and thick skin to achieve his dreams in a tough industry.

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Asian FX Sessions

ABCD Podcast

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