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REVEAL, the 21-year-old Londoner, emerged as a rapper in 2018 with his debut Hip-Hop single, Goof. Prior to his debut, REVEAL was a college student with an everlasting dream to be not only a rapper, but a well-known artist & producer within Hip-Hop globally.


REVEAL was born & raised in South-East London. Being Punjabi meant that young REVEAL was always surrounded by Bhangra & Folk Music.


Whilst the occupation of being a musician wasn't something that was blood bound for REVEAL, music played a big part in his upbringing. As kids, REVEAL and his family would spend hours in their free time dancing Punjabi music without the need for any celebration. Music was a method to alleviate one of any issues at the time, but also could be used for celebratory moments.

Early life

Black Background

Introduction to Hip-Hop...

Being raised with alongside his older brother, REVEAL was exposed to Hip-Hop early on. REVEAL's brother had built a following online by remixing popular rap songs with Bhangra tracks. REVEAL would see the process of each remix being made, give advice where we could and later began to use the software himself, but to make original beats.


All throughout this period, REVEAL was listening to underground Hip-Hop artists (at the time), including Tyler The Creator, Hopsin, Logic and also embraced bigger artists such as J.Cole, Tupac, Nas to name a few. The sounds and elements of Classic Rap beats would slowly show through REVEAL's beats and years went on for him to perfect his craft, all whilst writing lyrics in his notebooks.

Black Fabric

The Debut Single

After using the free time in his young years to grow & develop the understanding of production, at 16 years of age he made the conscious decision to be a rapper and there was no going back.


REVEAL set out to release his debut single 'Goof' which he released on the 7th September 2018. During the time, REVEAL was in college Studying Maths, Economics and Physics. Although academically he wasn't bad, his focus shifted to music and he later decided that university wasn't the path for him. Being raised in a Punjabi household, this brought a lot of pressure, doubt & fear into his family; all things he saw coming. 

 Black Background

Present day

REVEAL's idolisation of Rap music also opened his eyes to the challenges his family faced over the years. Being part a lower-middle class family, money was never a luxury and he realised the endless talents within his family that could never be pursued simply due to the need to survive. This has been the foundation for REVEAL's message within the music - to inspire a generation of dream-chasers. To talk to the generation that was told not to go for their biggest passions and ultimately.

REVEAL's vision is to create a generation of dream-chasers, to show that people from similar upbringings can also break the boundaries that have locked our potential for years, all through the power of real & great music, or as REVEAL's calls it...

Real Life, Real Music.

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