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Case Studies

Every artist we complete Sound Engineering work for is unique. There are different goals & challenges for each project we take on, so we ensure to our clients that their demands & requests will always be at the forefront of each project. Below are some of the projects we have completed, the process, and the end result.


Saloni - Desi Nwantiti

A R&B focussed mashup of the famous 'Love Nwantiti' from British-Asian artist, Saloni. The track implements multiple songs, languages and singing styles.


From REVEAL himself, 'The A'  bridges the essence of Jazz and Hip-hop and is a soulful yet modern take on expressing the reality behind every Rapper's endeavour to the top. 

Coming Soon
The A - Artwork.png

Saloni | Legacy

A track to empower women from all around the globe, 'Legacy' is the latest original, bilingual single from British-Asian artist, Saloni.

Coming Soon
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