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Baby, the reason I have written all of this was to show you the person that I have fallen in love with.

And with you being the person that I love, I felt it was only right to start the new year by showing you all the strength and power you have to take on this year and anything else that you want to achieve.

Don’t ever under estimate yourself my queen. You can go on to achieve any and every dream you have.

If I want you to take anything out of this message, it’ll be to use this as a reminder to keep going and understand your ability to face all the struggles that life has to throw at you.

Now some last words on behalf of me.

You have been the light in my life this year.

Every time I see you, it gets better.

I know we’ve had some rough moments this year, and deep down I’m grateful for them, but I feel we are at a point where we have a better perspective on our relationship.

A point at which we can truly start living and enjoying this whole journey together.

I can’t wait to do more with you this year.

So I wish you a very Happy New Year. Keep going. Use this message for any time you feel down and out. Understand that you’ve been through a lot.

Here for you as always my baby.

Always, Forever, and Ever.


I love you.



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