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Filament Bulb

Here's why...

'When times get tough, we lose our way

and sometimes we need a hand.

We see the things we can't achieve

and forget the things we can.

We shake our heads and feel confused

which makes us want to cry.

But everything we truly want 

has always been inside'.

Sometimes we feel low, and we don't even know why...

Life can hit hard in many ways. School, work, love, relationships - but it feels the worse when its a mix of them all.

I can tell when you're not feeling the best, and so I listed all of your achievements this year so far to show you, that besides all of the tough things you've faced, you're really doing well.

It's hard to see the sun when all the clouds are in the way. So I write this to remind yourself that you can face any and everything.

Next time you're feeling low, I want you to recognise the feeling, accept it and don't neglect it, but also understand that you can get through it - the same way you've been through other tough times this year.

It won't be perfect all of the time, but after all the challenges you've faced this year, you're still standing tall, even if you can't see it yourself :)

I love you. I hope this helps.

Keep loving yourself, keep winning, and keep smiling : you look best when you do <3

Here for you, always.

- Your Buba

Always, forever & ever.

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