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Dear my one & only, Saloni...


Sunday 28th June 2020 was the day I  first met you.

I remember meeting a girl that was super cute, as well as shy.

You wasn't super talkative, and so I had to pump up the conversation balloon to get the dice rolling a little bit.

Overall you were super chill, and I wanted to get to know you more, and couldn't wait to see you more often in person :)


Fast forward to Monday 28th June 2021.

I now see a woman.

A woman that has spent a year going through experiences in the world that build your character as a human being.

A woman that has socialised with new amazing friends.

A woman that has begun standing on her own feet.

A woman that has achieved so much.


A woman that can say she loves herself!

A woman that has had to go through tough times that may have made you feel emotional, angry, nervous, or even hopeless.

But this weekend, as we went to Wahaca, or to the Hotel, or wherever we went, I kept thinking back at how much you've grown compared to that girl I saw back on Sunday 28th June 2020.


Today you would have probably received many messages from friends & family, wishing you a Happy Birthday.

But the most important message you need to hear is the one from yourself.

I hope you see how much you have changed in the past year, and how all of the good & bad times have made a stronger, happier, confident, and ever-evolving woman.

For this reason, I am blessed to be your partner.

Love is about giving, and I have chosen to give my all to you.

Happy Birthday my Buba.

Here for you,

Always, Forever, & Ever.

- Love from Inderpreet Singh Bhaur

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