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During early 2020, I didn't really know you.

For what I remember, you were in India and you was still in music mode - releasing videos here and there, just released the EP a few months back in 2019, active on the socials - basically you was doing everything that allowed me to notice you (hehe).

I also understand that you were going through a bit of a tough time in your personal life, and I know how much mental stress can weigh somebody down. When you're in that type of situation in present time it can feel like the world is against you and that things are truly crashing down, and to get out of such a zone it takes somebody who is able to look forward in life instead of grieve about the past.

Now you might not notice it at first, but that takes strength and willingness. Even though it may have felt like there was nothing else to do other than to move forward, the action and intent to do your best to put it behind you was what allowed you to keep going and be where you are today.

So, let this be the small reminder you need that whenever things seem to be going downhill, as bad as they may seem and as much as they can hurt, you have the power & ability to move forward and conquer it, because you've done it before.

Sometime after this, you was back in the UK, and I'm grateful to say that sooner or later, we had started talking.

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