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Now, I had known about you since around the time you were promoting the EP, having found you on Instagram somehow (all thanks to the inventor of Instagram, for real).

One of the first things I said to myself was 'Wow this girl is really doing her thing'.

My initial thoughts were that you were a super talented singer and that you seemed to be very focused on what you wanted. I'd see videos of you performing live shows everywhere, covers & remixes, amazing press shots, music videos, radio interviews, the whole lot.

I already knew that there were tons of other musicians out there, so finding out about you didn't surprise me. However, I had never come across another musician that seemed to have as much drive and commitment as you did. You were actually doing things, making moves with a fearless mentality.

You might be thinking, "why's he talking about all of this?”.

Well, one thing I have learnt about you, is that you have been able to manifest many things that you have truly put work into.

You've proved this on numerous occasions. And it doesn't matter how big or small the task was. What matters is that you visualized what you wanted, worked towards it, and got it.

It's a reminder that, as long as you get into a zone of focus, that there really aren't any obstacles when you have a mentality that's locked on to the end goal, and it doesn't matter what that goal is - the principle is the same.

Don't ever forget your power to be zoned, because it truly is something that many do not have.

Now as the year went on and as we started to talk more, I started learning even more about you.

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