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You recently told me that 2020 has been one of your favorite years, despite the disruption of the pandemic.

Now of course, having started a relationship with me has played a big part in that, but another big factor for you this year was starting University.

'Change' is something that scares many of us initially. Whenever we think about making changes to our lives, and especially big changes, our mind starts to hold on to all of the reasons why we are comfortable in order to not face any adversity - this is completely natural.

But things turn into habits quickly, and it can become very easy to stay in one place and let the excuses come in.

Having taken a gap year to focus on music, you was able to reset and get back into the student mindset ready for Uni. And by no means was this easy.

In fact, I remember you talking to me a few days before uni, saying that you weren’t sure if you could get back into the student routine after such a break from education. My advice for you was to ease into it, knowing that it wouldn't be all stress in the beginning.

As the time went on, you made some amazing friends. Whether you were going for late nights out, or chill nights in, having your friends around you definitely helped you settle in better, and it gave you another reason for that beautiful face to smile.

Now as uni went on, the work was hard, the lectures were tough to complete when you're stuck to a screen, and the whole learning experience was kind of ruined.

But throughout this whole situation, despite being in your accommodation for most of the time, there were two big lessons that I feel you lived through.

Change will always feel hard at first, but seeing the long-term goal is what should keep you going. Throughout your time in uni, you had times were you really found it tough, but you also had times where you had the most fun in a long time.

So my main message here is that whenever you go through any tough changes in your life, also make sure to enjoy the journey.

Appreciate the process that you're going through and embrace it all. The good and the bad.

Understand where you're headed, and as time passes, you'll become stronger and more capable of facing new challenges & changes.

You've been through it once, and you'll be able to do it again.

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