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 Just in case you didn't know...

 In 2021 so far: 

 - a 1st in one of your exams 

 - Reached 10,000 followers in around 4 dedicated months on TikTok

- You got the Marketing role you wanted for the UCL Indian society

- You landed a job that you really wanted, even if it hasn't started yet.

- you've started to love yourself much more than the previous year (even if it's only occasionally)

- Despite your hectic work schedule, you're getting it done, and to a good standard too!

- Loving yourself has lead to you being more loving externally too, as recently you've made me feel even more loved, whether it's calling me when you was out with friends, or simple messages.

- you faced a tough situation, one that can be scarring for other people, but (whether you noticed or not), you focussed on yourself and kept persevering.

"Okay Indy, I get it"... so why am I telling you   all of this? 

 Click continue to find out... 

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