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From Rap to R&B.

My second single 'For Some Time was a very big switch up to my first. I went from a hard-hitting rap song, to an R&B love song about relationships as a teenager.

For Some Time was a track I wrote and recorded one day after college after I had finished around midday at 12 o’clock. I got home in normal time (which usually took me about 10 minutes from school) and after writing the song for about 20 minutes or so, I got out my equipment ready to lay some vocals down. 

The track was a simple song about teenage relationships during school. In college, I’d see many people get into relationships, and hear about a lot of ‘he likes her’ and ‘she likes him’ stories and situations between friends. I tried to talk to someone in year 12 too, but the other person was so timid and she wouldn’t always get approached by a lot of guys, so I think she felt a bit awkward when someone would talk to her. So, I just exaggerated the feelings I had and wrote them in a song, later realising that the lyrics spoke much louder for other people than it really ever did for me.

At this time, I didn’t have the best confidence to record when others were around, so I would try and get a session done before my parents got home (which was around 2-3pm). I had the lyrics written on my phone. I felt super confident about this track. I felt it was a melody that was solid enough to make a catchy and enjoyable track.

I usually record in a separate room to my bedroom because my bedroom has a lot of background noise and wall reflection when I record – for that reason I record in another room that has a lot of things in it, therefore the space is more compact and there are less sound reflections and background noise. Also, I didn’t have a microphone stand at this point, and so I would place my microphone in one of our sock drawers, grab a chair, and go ahead and record – as shown below.

Once I had recorded the track, I worked on mixing it the same day and a few days after. It was completed fairly quickly and I was really excited for it. I had completed it in 2018 during October and decided to release it on Friday 8th February 2019.

To promote the track, I tried to get influencers and people with a big audience to use the track in their videos. I'd do this simply by emailing the saying I would love for them to use the track in their videos. Most of them needed music anyway, and so they'd be willing to use the track.

One video in particular that helped the track a lot was by a makeup artist on Instagram, called Danielle Marcan, as shown below:

The love and feedback I receive from this track in particular is amazing. From the friends and family that enjoy it, to the random fans that message me saying how much they love the track. This is all I wish to do. Create great music, music to express, but all for the better and to bring people together to enjoy themselves.

Thank you for reading.

Stay safe and have a great week.


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