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With the fans, for the fans...

Blessings, this is REVEAL, and I want to officially welcome you to my world.


Today it's Monday 1st April 2024 and around ten years ago, I fell in love with Hip-Hop, and since then, it has been a significant part of my life. I immersed myself in the genre, studying the lyrics and listening to artists like Tupac, J.Cole, Rakim, and more. Alongside my artist life, I've been able to build a career as a Composer, a Music Producer & Sound Engineer.


Even though I didn't initially plan on going into music, I trusted my instincts and allowed the universe to guide me. Being from a South-Asian, Punjabi background, pursuing a music career wasn't the norm in my culture, but I followed my passion regardless.


The stories and struggles I heard especially in Hip-Hop always resonated with me - they mirrored the challenges faced by my family and culture - and being able to make music from scratch always felt like Alchemy. It's magical and it's like nothing I've ever experienced, and I get to experience that again, and again, and again, in many different ways.


Ten years later, I have released 30 singles, sharing the stories and experiences of a lower-middle-class kid from London. And that's precisely why I have this email list—it's my direct connection to you, my real ones.


I always aim to value my closest supporters like yourself, and so I want to use my platform to share more about myself, my process, my mind - essentially, all the real stories that most artists don’t open up about.


Thank you again,


Free Life, Don't Forget It.



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