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My Debut Single: Goof.

After my first year in college/sixth form, the summer had approached and I had around 6 weeks until the new term started. I had been making many beats alongside school and I was writing many lyrics. At this time, I already had my microphone and recording equipment ready to make a track – I just wasn’t too sure on how to use it all.

In my head, I said to myself that as soon as summer-time arrived, I would work the entire 6 weeks to record loads of songs. I knew that I could do it, and it was just about learning how to actually record.

But there were many things I didn’t take into consideration. Things such as learning to find your voice as a rapper, especially whilst using the microphone. Other things too, such as learning how to mix vocals, how to arrange a song – it was all of these technical details that had delayed me, and so during the summer, a lot of the time was spent making beats (as per usual; nothing new) and I was resisting to record.

The end of summer was approaching and I had recorded nothing. I was upset, but I was more focused on trying to get something done. I really wanted to complete something before school had started. My brother was also very straight up with me – telling me that sitting around doing nothing wasn’t going to help and that I just had to get up and take action. It sparked me in a way that helped me find that drive again.

A week before the new school year started, I knew I had to record something, and I said to myself that I would. I had been writing some lyrics to this beat I made, and one night I decided to record it in my room. The microphone was leaning against my chair, and I recorded the track at around 2am.

I found it funny that I had spent so much time making beats in the summer, but yet I recorded my first track to a beat I made in no time - it's called energy. It’s called being in the moment and letting that drive fuel you. 

The artwork was taken from a picture of me and my older brother when we were kids, which was taken on Friday 23rd April 2004. The track was titled 'Goof' due to a line where I referenced the word, and I decided that me and my brother looked quite goofy in this picture, so I thought it would fit well.

I had planned to release the song during the first week of school, on Friday 7th September. I was also meant to perform it a week before the release at a ‘before school starts party’ but the party had got cancelled.

The feedback on the track was good too. My friends liked it, some were surprised that I was rapping as I seemed to be the ‘study guy’ to some people. But they didn’t know me too well. But this track is iconic. I was happy I got something out. The next article will be about my second single, ‘For Some Time’, which was a complete switch up – from rap to R&B.

Stay tuned, stay safe and have a great week.


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